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-title: "FreeBSD/xbox Project"
-sidenav: developers
-= FreeBSD/xbox Project
-== Introduction
-FreeBSD/xbox is a port of FreeBSD which aims to run on Microsoft(R) Xbox(R) systems. This project was started by {rink}, who did most of the patching and coding. {ed} helped with reviewing patches and he also provided details on certain Xbox internals.
-== Status
-FreeBSD/xbox has been supported since FreeBSD 6-STABLE. The framebuffer, Ethernet, sound and USB devices (such as an USB keyboard for the console) are all supported.
-In order to aid people in installing the FreeBSD/xbox port, a combined install/livecd has been[created]. It is available[here].
-== Booting FreeBSD kernels
-In order to boot FreeBSD you must have an up-to-date version of the Linux/xbox BIOS, called Cromwell (failure will result in your kernel crashing immediately after loading). A Cromwell with FreeBSD UFS patches (this will make it able to load a kernel directly from an UFS file system) is available in the ports tree at /usr/ports/sysutils/cromwell; it can be flashed to the EEPROM using the /usr/ports/sysutils/raincoat port (as long as your Xbox is below version 1.6).
-*Note*: Several Xbox drives are known to reject certain types of media. Should you experience random hangs, panics or corruption during installation, try a different known-working DVD/CD-ROM.
-== Installing on the hard drive
-You can do an installation using the Live CD's, but you will need to do everything manually. It is suggested to prepare your disk using an FreeBSD/i386 installation and set up the /boot/xboxlinux.cfg configuration file yourself, so Cromwell can determine which kernel to load.