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+=== KDE on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[KDE/FreeBSD initiative] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD -- KDE Community Wiki] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Adriaan de Groot <>
+The KDE on FreeBSD project packages CMake, Qt, and software from the KDE Community, for the FreeBSD ports tree.
+The software includes a full desktop environment called KDE Plasma (for both X11 and Wayland) and hundreds of applications that can be used on any FreeBSD machine.
+The KDE team (kde@) is part of desktop@ and x11@, building the software stack to make FreeBSD beautiful and usable as a daily-driver graphical desktop workstation.
+The notes below describe *mostly* ports for KDE, but also include items that are important for the entire desktop stack.
+==== Infrastructure
+Qt5 is now on long-term support and updates only rarely.
+There was an update to 5.15.10 in this quarter.
+Qt6 is now updated with the regular upstream releases, with the 6.5.2 release landing at the end of July and 6.5.3 following later.
+CMake saw no updates this quarter, so we are now lagging by at least one minor release.
+The changelog for the latest releases does not have much for FreeBSD, so there is no special reason to upgrade. 
+package:sysutils/polkit[] and package:sysutils/consolekit2[] were both updated, bringing improved security policy and console handling to the FreeBSD desktop.
+package:x11/sddm[] was updated to provide a better graphical login manager.
+package:multimedia/pipewire[] was updated to version 0.3.81.
+This provides multimedia supprt for desktops such as KDE and GNOME.
+==== KDE Stack
+KDE Gear releases happen every quarter, KDE Plasma updates once a month, and KDE Frameworks have a new release every month as well.
+These (large) updates land shortly after their upstream release and are not listed separately.
+* KDE Frameworks reached version 5.110. The KDE Frameworks 5 series is winding down, although it will be six months or so before it enters long-term support upstream.
+* KDE Plasma Desktop was updated to version 5.27.8. Just like frameworks, work on KDE Plasma 5 is winding down upstream in favor of KDE Plasma 6.
+* KDE Gear updated to 23.08.1.
+==== Related Ports
+The KDE ecosystem includes a wide range of ports -- most maintained by kde@, all building on a shared base of Qt and KDE Frameworks.
+The kde@ team updates them all as needed.
+This quarter, for instance, tcberner@ and arrowd@ updated or fixed (much more than) this selection of ports:
+* package:astro/merkaartor[]
+* package:devel/massif-visualizer[]
+* package:finance/alkimia[]
+* package:irc/quassel[]
+* package:net-im/kaidan[]
+* package:sysutils/bsdisks[]
+* package:sysutils/k3b[]
+Thanks to jhale@, package:devel/qtcreator[] was updated to 11.0.3, providing another featureful integrated development environment for creating Qt and KDE applications.
+==== Deprecations
+Web browsers are huge, and have a considerable security surface.
+The venerable package:www/qt5-webkit[] WebKit port has been slated for removal and consumers have been moved to WebEngine.
+The fork of WebKit that we relied on is no longer actively maintained.