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+=== FreeBSD on Microsoft HyperV and Azure
+Links: +
+link:[Microsoft Azure article on FreeBSD wiki] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Microsoft HyperV article on FreeBSD wiki] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Microsoft FreeBSD Integration Services Team <> +
+Contact: link:[freebsd-cloud Mailing List] +
+Contact: The FreeBSD Azure Release Engineering Team <> +
+Contact: Wei Hu <> +
+Contact: Souradeep Chakrabarti <> +
+Contact: Li-Wen Hsu <> +
+In this quarter, we have worked mainly on ARM64 architecture support and building and publishing both UFS and ZFS based images to link:[Azure community gallery].
+There are some testing images available in the project's testing public gallery, named `FreeBSDCGTest-d8a43fa5-745a-4910-9f71-0c9da2ac22bf`:
+* FreeBSD-CURRENT-testing
+* FreeBSD-CURRENT-gen2-testing
+* FreeBSD-CURRENT-arm64-testing
+* FreeBSD-CURRENT-zfs-testing
+* FreeBSD-CURRENT-zfs-gen1-testing
+To use them, when creating a virtual machine:
+. In `Select an Image` step, choose `Community Images` in `Other items`
+. Search `FreeBSD`
+We are aiming to provide all those images for 14.0-RELEASE.
+Work in progress tasks:
+* Automating the image building and publishing process and merge to src/release/.
+* Building and publishing all supported VM images to Azure Marketplace
+* Building and publishing snapshot builds to Azure community gallery
+The above tasks are sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation, with resources provided by Microsoft.
+Wei Hu and Souradeep Chakrabarti have fixed several critical bugs in arm64:
+The root cause was identified and fixed in link:[e7a9817b8d32: Hyper-V: vmbus: implementat bus_get_dma_tag in vmbus]
+And continue working on improving Microsoft Azure Network Adapter (MANA) support.
+Open tasks:
+* Update FreeBSD related doc at link:[Microsoft Learn]
+* Support FreeBSD in link:[Azure Pipelines]
+* Update link:[Azure agent port] to the latest version
+* Upstream link:[local modifications of Azure agent]
+Sponsor: Microsoft for people in Microsoft, and for resources for the rest +
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation for everything else