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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2023 15:17:19 UTC
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    handbook/cutting-edge: Fix a typo
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 documentation/content/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/_index.adoc | 2 +-
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diff --git a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/_index.adoc b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/_index.adoc
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--- a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/_index.adoc
+++ b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/cutting-edge/_index.adoc
@@ -1156,7 +1156,7 @@ Additionally, the script can pass any additional command arguments, such as `-j
-A recent version of `bmake` can be ued instead of the `tools/build/` script as well.
+A recent version of `bmake` can be used instead of the `tools/build/` script as well.
 In that case, however, required environment variables need to be set manually (the easiest way to obtain a list of them is by running `tools/build/ --debug`).