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+=== Ports Collection
+Links: +
+link:[About FreeBSD Ports] URL:link:[] +
+link:[Contributing to Ports] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD Ports Monitoring] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Ports Management Team] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Ports Tarball] URL: link:[]
+Contact: René Ladan <> +
+Contact: FreeBSD Ports Management Team <>
+The Ports Management Team is responsible for overseeing the overall direction of the Ports Tree, building packages, and personnel matters.
+Below is what happened in the last quarter.
+* According to INDEX, there are currently 34,600 ports in the Ports Collection.
+There are currently 3,000 open ports PRs of which some 730 are unassigned.
+The last quarter saw 11,454 commits by 130 committers on the main branch and 828 commits by 37 committers on the 2023Q3 branch.
+Compared to last quarter, this means a slight decrease in the number of unassigned PRs, a 10% increase in the number of commits on the main branch but also less backports to the quarterly branch.
+The number of ports also grew a bit.
+During Q3 we welcomed Joel Bodemmann (jbo@) as a new ports committer, granted a ports commit bit to mizhka@ who was already a src committer, and took the commit bits of knu@ and uqs@ in for safe-keeping after a year of inactivity.
+Portgmr discussed and worked on the following things during Q3:
+* Some progress has been made on sub-packages and a lightning talk was given by pizzamig@ at EuroBSDCon
+* Overhauling some parts of the ports tree (LIB_DEPENDS, PREFIX, MANPREFIX, MANPATH)
+Support for FreeBSD 13.1 was removed from the ports tree as it reached its end-of-life on August 1st.
+The following happened on the infrastructure side:
+* USES for ebur128 and guile were added
+* Default versions for Mono, Perl, and PostgreSQL were updated to respectively 5.20, 5.34, and 15
+* Default versions for ebur128, guile, and pycryptography were added at respectively "rust", 2.2, and "rust"
+* Updates to major ports that happened were:
+  * pkg to 1.20.7
+  * chromium to 117.0.5938.132
+  * Firefox to 118.0.1
+  * KDE to 5.27.8
+  * Rust to 1.72.0
+  * Wine to 8.0.2
+During the last quarter, pgkmgr@ ran 18 exp-runs to test various ports upgrades, updates to default versions of ports, and changes to pycryptography.