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+=== GCC on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[GCC Project] URL: link:[] +
+link:[GCC 10 release series] URL: link:[] +
+link:[GCC 11 release series] URL: link:[] +
+link:[GCC 12 release series] URL: link:[] +
+link:[GCC 13 release series] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Lorenzo Salvadore <>
+The process to update GCC default version to GCC 13 has started with an link:[exp-run]. Thanks to[Antoine Brodin] who ran the exp-run and to all other developers and ports maintainers involved.
+The same exp-run contains additional patches as anticipated in last quarterly status report.
+In particular, it contains patches to update
+* package:lang/gcc11[] to version 11.4.0;
+* package:lang/gcc12[] to version 12.3.0;
+* package:lang/gcc13[] to version 13.2.0.
+The reader might remember that I had planned to update GCC default version to GCC 13 as soon as 13.1.0 was out, but as it can be noted the GCC developers were faster to release 13.2.0 than I was working on the GCC ports.
+Most of the bugs reported in the exp-run are due to the same error: `error: expected identifier before '__is_convertible'`.
+It seems that the issue is an incompatibility between FreeBSD 12's libcxx and GCC 13 headers.
+Please check the link:[discussion in the exp-run] for more information and to provide your feedback.