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+=== SquashFS driver for FreeBSD kernel
+Links: +
+link:[Wiki page] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Source code] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Raghav Sharma <>
+This quarter we finished SquashFS driver work for the kernel.
+We now can mount SquashFS archives on FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE or greater, and perform all basic read-only filesystem operations.
+Code work includes:
+* Implementing vop_lookup() and vop_readdir() hooks for directory read support.
+* Implementing vop_read() and vop_strategy() hooks for files read support.
+* Implementing vop_readlink() hook for symlinks read support.
+We also implemented extended attributes interface functions for SquashFS.
+All that remains is to implement their kernel interface hooks.
+There were a lot of bug fixes as well.
+One major issue was to find out why we can not list the first entry of the root directory, it transpires that SquashFS could have `inode_number` as zero, which the kernel, for some reason, skips while listing dirents.
+For now, we fixed it by passing dummy `inode_number`, instead of zero, to dirent.
+The code review is currently ongoing with my mentor[Chuck Tuffli].
+I am happy to say that SquashFS will find its place in upcoming FreeBSD releases.
+Sponsor: The Google Summer of Code 2023 program