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+=== Containers and FreeBSD: Pot, Potluck and Potman
+Links: +
+link:[Pot organization on GitHub] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Luca Pizzamiglio (Pot) <> +
+Contact: Bretton Vine (Potluck) <> +
+Contact: Michael Gmelin (Potman) <>
+Pot is a jail management tool that link:[also supports orchestration through Nomad].
+During this quarter, link:[Pot 0.15.6] was finished, adding custom man:pf[4] rule configuration hooks.
+Additionally, link:[Nomad Pot Driver 0.9.1] that allows setting Pot attributes in Nomad job descriptions was released.
+Potluck aims to be to FreeBSD and Pot what Dockerhub is to Linux and Docker: a repository of Pot flavours and complete container images for usage with Pot and in many cases Nomad.
+Quite a few new container images were made available, e.g. a link:[Caddy S3 proxy], a link:[Mastodon instance], and a link:[Redis container].
+In total there are now 50 containers available that can either be downloaded as ready-made images at link:[the Potluck image registry], if you trust our build process, or that you can build yourself from the Pot flavour files stored in the link:[Potluck GitHub repository].  
+The July/August 2023 edition of the FreeBSD Journal contains Luca's link:[Jail Orchestration with pot and nomad] article, explaining how to use Pot and Potluck together with Nomad to orchestrate containers on multiple hosts.
+Last but not least, a patch (gitref:90b1184d93c8[repository=ports]) added build cluster support to the package:devel/sccache[] port.
+As always, feedback and patches are welcome.
+Sponsors: Nikulipe UAB, Honeyguide Group