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+=== PortOptsCLI - Accessibility Ports Collection
+Link: +
+link:[Project repository] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Alfonso Sabato Siciliano <> +
+Contact: FreeBSD Accessibility mailing list <>
+FreeBSD provides the Ports Collection to give users and administrators a simple way to install applications.
+It is possible to configure a port before the building and installation.
+The command 'make config' uses package:ports-mgmt/dialog4ports[] and package:ports-mgmt/portconfig[] to set up a port interactively via a Text User Interface.
+Unfortunately screen readers perform poorly with TUI; it is a well-known accessibility problem.
+FreeBSD provides tens of thousands of ports; port configuration is a key feature, but it is inaccessible to users with vision impairment.
+PortOptsCLI (Port Options CLI) is a new utility for setting the port options via a Command Line Interface.
+Properly PortOptsCLI provides commands to navigate the configuration lists (checklists and/or radiolists) and set up their items interactively.
+It is also suitable for a speech synthesizer; currently it is tested with package:accessibility/orca[].
+PortOptsCLI can be installed via the package:SECTION/portoptscli[] package or the package:ports-mgmt/portoptscli[] port.
+Tips and new ideas are welcome.
+If possible, send reports to the FreeBSD Accessibility mailing list, to share and to track discussions in a public place.