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From: Glen Barber <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2023 06:46:08 UTC
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Author:     Glen Barber <>
AuthorDate: 2023-11-29 06:44:42 +0000
Commit:     Glen Barber <>
CommitDate: 2023-11-29 06:44:42 +0000

    community: PSA - alcohol, substance, and suicide prevention
    Add a seek-help.asc file containing a personal request for folks
    suffering from such ailments to seek help for themselves and their
    loved ones should it be necessary.
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+Note: I have not read emails or other correspondence since 11/18/2023,
+and will not do so until next week, at the earliest.
+My name is Glen, and I am an alcoholic.
+This is my scarlet letter.
+After having been severely concerned about several things in my personal
+life, I tried to take a step back and regain my composure, but failed.
+On 11/18/2023, I drank 3 bottles of wine with about 45 Xanax.
+The intent here was quite clear.
+I attempted to commit suicide.
+I ended up in an insane asylum, for a bit over the past week or so.
+I have recently been toxic to the Project, and cannot allow such
+behavior to continue to affect the Project I love.
+I need to leave.
+As of this writing, gjb@ is dead.  May he rest in peace.
+Please, if you or are loved one are experiencing a crisis, please use your
+local or national resources to seek help on suicide prevention, substance
+abuse, alcohol abuse, and mental disorders.