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 The goals of the FreeBSD Project are to provide software that may be used for any purpose and without strings attached.
 Many of us have a significant investment in the code (and project) and would certainly not mind a little financial compensation now and then, but we are definitely not prepared to insist on it.
 We believe that our first and foremost "mission" is to provide code to any and all comers, and for whatever purpose, so that the code gets the widest possible use and provides the widest possible benefit.
-This is, I believe, one of the most fundamental goals of Free Software and one that we enthusiastically support.
+This is, we believe, one of the most fundamental goals of Free Software and one that we enthusiastically support.
 That code in our source tree which falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or Library General Public License (LGPL) comes with slightly more strings attached, though at least on the side of enforced access rather than the usual opposite.
 Due to the additional complexities that can evolve in the commercial use of GPL software we do, however, prefer software submitted under the more relaxed BSD license when it is a reasonable option to do so.