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    handbook: typo fixed
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diff --git a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/mail/_index.adoc b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/mail/_index.adoc
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--- a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/mail/_index.adoc
+++ b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/mail/_index.adoc
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ More information about installing and using a MUA on FreeBSD can be found in <<m
 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)::
 The Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is responsible for receiving incoming mail and delivering outgoing mail.
-Starting with FreeBSD version 14.0, the default MTA is DragonFly Mail Agent (man:dma[8]); in earlier versions, it is man:sedmail[8].
+Starting with FreeBSD version 14.0, the default MTA is DragonFly Mail Agent (man:dma[8]); in earlier versions, it is man:sendmail[8].
 Other MTAs, including Exim, Postfix, and qmail, may be installed to replace the default MTA.
 Mail Host and Mailboxes::
diff --git a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/network/_index.adoc b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/network/_index.adoc
index f196e475d6..bb9a7ab798 100644
--- a/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/network/_index.adoc
+++ b/documentation/content/en/books/handbook/network/_index.adoc
@@ -495,7 +495,7 @@ To assign a default router, specify its address executing the following command:
 If the network has a DHCP server, it is very easy to configure the network interface to use DHCP.
 man:dhclient[8] will provide automatically the IP, the netmask and the default router.
-To make the interface works with DHCP execute the following command:
+To make the interface work with DHCP execute the following command: