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    Status/2023Q1/ Add report
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+Links: +
+link:[Website (] URL: link: +
+link:[Website source] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Mina Galić <>
+ _was_ an unofficial repository for the FreeBSD link:[PkgBase project].
+As a service, was inspired by link:[], which provides man:freebsd-update[8] for STABLE and CURRENT branches.
+Hardware for PkgBase was kindly sponsored by a member of the FreeBSD community.
+However, as life and projects moved on, they had to decommission the hardware, giving me three months notice.
+In that time, my own life was rather turbulent after a recent move to a different country so I haven't been able to find a replacement.
+For the time being, is dead.
+The website, and with it the link:[How Did She Do it?!] is still available in link:[Git].
+I highly encourage copy-cats.
+But I will also happily accept a new hardware sponsor!
+Please note that I _have_ contacted the FreeBSD project, and they _are_ working on integrating PkgBase into release engineering.
+However, they are not yet ready, and they also cannot "simply" take over because it uses a completely different process.