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+=== FreeBSD Core Team
+Contact: FreeBSD Core Team <>
+The FreeBSD Core Team is the governing body of FreeBSD. 
+==== Items
+===== Core Team Charter
+At the first Core Team meeting of the new year, the Core Team delegation that was in Boulder, US in December presented the conclusions of the meeting to the entire Core Team.
+The Core Team will continue to discuss the issues and work together with the FreeBSD Foundation.
+===== FreeBSD annual developers survey
+The FreeBSD Core Team together with the FreeBSD Foundation have decided that the FreeBSD Foundation will be in charge of conducting the annual developers survey.
+===== Matrix IM solution
+The Core Team continues to evaluate Matrix as an IM solution for FreeBSD developers.
+An instance has already been prepared and tests are underway.
+==== Commit bits
+* Core approved the src commit bit for Cheng Cui (cc@)
+* Core approved the restore of the source commit bit for Joseph Koshy (jkoshy@).