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+=== daemon(8) improvements
+Links: +
+man:daemon[8] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Libera IRC] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Ihor Antonov <> +
+Contact: Kyle Evans <>
+An ongoing effort to improve code quality and supervision capabilities of the `daemon` utility.
+Daemon is a tool that can daemonize (send to background) or supervise any running process, automatically restarting it if it crashes.
+Daemon is widely used in the ports tree and can be used more in base.
+This quarter `long_opts` support was added and the codebase went through an initial refactoring phase to prepare it for further changes.
+There are no functional changes so far but more changes are coming.
+Please contact directly or on `#freebsd-dev` on Libera IRC if you encounter unexpected bugs.
+Planned work items for the next quarter:
+- use of kqueue for all event sources
+- fix link:[Bug #268580]
+- fix link:[Bug #236117]
+- fix link:[Bug #254511]
+- fix link:[Bug #212829]
+- `procctl PROC_REAP_ACQUIRE`
+We are looking for feedback, bug reports (old and new) and feature requests.