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    Status/2023Q1/timerfd: Add report
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+=== Native Linux timerfd
+Links: +
+link:[Differential revision] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Jake Freeland <>
+The timerfd facility is a set of Linux-standard system calls that operate on interval timers.
+These timers are analogous to per-process timers but are represented by a file descriptor, rather than a process.
+These file descriptors may be passed to other processes, are preserved across fork(2), and may be monitored via kevent(2), poll(2), or select(2).
+A timerfd implementation in FreeBSD already exists for Linux compatibility, but
+link:[this differential revision]
+makes the interface native.
+The goal behind this change is to ease the FreeBSD porting process for programs that include timerfd.
+This specific implementation avoids adding new names to the system call table.
+Instead, timerfd_create() is wrapped by the specialfd() system call.
+The timerfd_gettime() and timerfd_settime() calls are wrapped ioctl()s.
+Developers that wish to support FreeBSD should avoid using timerfd.
+The kqueue() EVFILT_TIMER filter is preferred for establishing arbitrary timers.