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+=== FSX
+Links: +
+link:[GitHub] URL:[] +
+link:[FreshPorts] URL:[]
+Contact: Alan Somers <>
+The venerable FSX (File System eXerciser) tool, first written at Apple Computer in the nineties, has been a part of FreeBSD since 5.0.
+It stress tests file systems with a stream of randomly generated operations, verifying file data after every read.
+However, it has never been installed as part of the OS; it only exists in the source tree.
+That makes it difficult to use in CI pipelines.
+It has some other limitations, too.
+So this quarter I rewrote the entire tool in Rust.
+The rewrite is byte-for-byte compatible with the original, given identical seed values.
+Future versions will break backwards-compatibility, however, in order to add new features like `fspacectl` and `copy_file_range`.
+The new version can be found in the ports tree, and in time I'll remove the original.