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    2023Q2 status report for boot performance
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+=== Boot Performance Improvements
+Links: +
+link:[Wiki page] URL: link:[] +
+link:[BSDCan talk slides] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Colin Percival <>
+Colin Percival is coordinating an effort to speed up the FreeBSD boot process.
+Recent efforts have moved from EC2 to the Firecracker virtual machine manager, which provides a very minimalist environment; stripping the boot process down to the bare minimum makes it easier to identify the remaining time and determine whether it can be optimized further.
+With some experimental patches to both FreeBSD and Firecracker, it is now possible to boot a FreeBSD kernel in under 20 ms.
+Some of the recent improvements were discussed in Colin's recent BSDCan talk.
+This work is supported by Colin's FreeBSD/EC2 Patreon.