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+=== BATMAN support in the FreeBSD kernel
+Links: +
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+link:[Source code (Pull Request)] URL:[]
+Contact: Aymeric Wibo <>
+BATMAN (Better Approach to Mobile Ad-hoc Networking), as developed and used by the Freifunk project, is a routing protocol for (primarily wireless) multi-hop ad-hoc networks.
+Freifunk is a German initiative to build an open Wi-Fi network at city-scale, based on the principles of net-neutrality.
+BATMAN's motive is to be a completely decentralized protocol; no one node in the network knows or has to care about the topology of the whole network.
+Support for this protocol is provided by the batman-adv kernel module on Linux, and this project aims to bring that to FreeBSD.
+This includes the kernel module itself, but also userland networking libraries and tools necessary to create BATMAN networks. 
+Currently, creating interfaces and interacting with them works (with both Linux and FreeBSD userspaces), and packet transmission (kind of) works, although it's incomplete as of yet.
+Support for batadv interfaces has been added to man:ifconfig[8] too.
+Mentor: {mmokhi-name}
+Sponsor: Google (under GSoC 2023)