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+=== SquashFS port for FreeBSD kernel
+Links: +
+link:[Wiki page] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Source code] URL:  link:[]
+Contact: Raghav Sharma <>
+SquashFS is a read-only file system that lets you compress whole file systems or single directories very efficiently.
+Support for it has been built into the Linux kernel since 2009 and is very common in embedded Linux distributions.
+The goal of this project is to add SquashFS support for the FreeBSD kernel, with the aim of being able to boot FreeBSD from an in-memory SquashFS file system.
+Currently, the driver is compatible with the 13.2 FreeBSD release.
+The driver is able to correctly parse the SquashFS disk file with working man:mount[8] support.
+Linux SquashFS supports many compression options like zstd, lzo2, zlib, etc... based on the user's preference, and of course, our driver supports all those compressions as well.
+Planned future work includes adding directories, files, extended attributes, and symlinks read support.
+The project is still a work in progress under the mentorship from[Chuck Tuffli] and is expected to complete by the end of the Google Summer of Code program.
+Sponsor: The Google Summer of Code 2023 program