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    2023q2 status: add MAXCPU report
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+=== Increasing MAXCPU
+Links: +
+link:[Review D36838: amd64: Bump MAXCPU to 1024 (from 256)] URL:[]
+Contact: Ed Maste <>
+The default amd64 and arm64 FreeBSD kernel configurations currently support a maximum of 256 CPUs.
+A custom kernel can be built with support for larger core counts by setting the `MAXCPU` kernel option.
+However, commodity systems with more than 256 CPUs are becoming available and will be increasingly common during FreeBSD 14's support lifecycle.
+We want to increase the default maximum CPU count to 1024 to support these systems "out of the box" on FreeBSD 14.
+A number of changes have been made to support a larger default `MAXCPU`, including fixing the userland maximum for `cpuset_t` at 1024.
+Changes have also been made to avoid static `MAXCPU`-sized arrays, replacing them with on-demand memory allocation.
+Additional work is required to continue reducing static allocations sized by `MAXCPU` and addressing scalability bottlenecks on very high core count systems, but the goal is to release FreeBSD 14 with a stable ABI and KBI with support for large CPU counts.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation