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    Handbook: Internet resources: opening paragraphs
    It's no longer realistic to count USENET amongst the top three media
    for effective reach.
    Rewrite the first two paragraphs. Some of what's here belongs elsewhere
    in the FreeBSD Handbook, but it's a start.
    PR: 264754
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-The rapid pace of FreeBSD progress makes print media impractical as a means of following the latest developments.
-Electronic resources are the best, if not often the only, way to stay informed of the latest advances.
-Since FreeBSD is a volunteer effort, the user community itself also generally serves as a "technical support department" of sorts, with electronic mail, web forums, and USENET news being the most effective way of reaching that community.
+Development of FreeBSD is too rapid for print media to be practical for keeping people informed.
+For awareness of developments: electronic alternatives to print are best.
-The most important points of contact with the FreeBSD user community are outlined below.
-There is a possibly more up to date list on the link:[community portal on the FreeBSD Wiki].
-Please send other resources not mentioned here to the {freebsd-doc} so that they may also be included.
+The FreeBSD user community provides much technical support -- with forums, chat and email amongst the most popular and effective means of communication.
+The most important points of contact are outlined below.
+The link:[Community wiki area] may be more up-to-date.
+Please make the {freebsd-doc} aware of any resource that is either redundant, or not yet listed below.
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