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    Handbook: Internet resources: text/html reality
    Make what's stated closer to the reality of what happens when a
    multi-part email message includes text/plain and text/html parts.
    Opening comment 0 at
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@@ -162,8 +162,14 @@ All attachments with a MIME content type not found in the list below will be str
 Some of the mailing lists might allow attachments of other MIME content types, but the above list should be applicable for most of the mailing lists.
-If an email contains both an HTML and a plain text version, the HTML version will be removed.
-If an email contains only an HTML version, it will be converted to plain text.
+If a multi-part message includes text/plain and text/html parts:
+- addressees will receive both parts
+- will present text/plain with an option to view original text (source, with raw HTML amongst the parts).
+If text/plain does not accompany text/html:
+- there will be conversion from HTML to plain text.
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