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    Handbook: Internet resources: unreal mailto: URLs and are unreal.
    Do not misrepresent them as mailto: URLs.
    PR: 264754
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@@ -114,11 +114,11 @@ The FreeBSD public mailing lists can be consulted link:{mailing-lists-url}[here]
 To subscribe to a list, click the list name at {mailing-lists-url}.
 The page that is displayed should contain all of the necessary subscription instructions for that list.
-To actually post to a given list, send mail to[].
-It will then be redistributed to mailing list members world-wide.
+To post, after subscribing, send mail to ``.
+The message will be redistributed to list members.
 To unsubscribe from a list, click on the URL found at the bottom of every email received from the list.
-It is also possible to send an email to[] to unsubscribe.
+It is also possible to send an email to `` to unsubscribe.
 It is important to keep discussion in the technical mailing lists on a technical track.
 To only receive important announcements, instead join the {freebsd-announce}, which is intended for infrequent traffic.