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    Status/2023Q2/ Add report
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+Links: +
+link:[Website] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Source] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Mina Galić <>
+, an unofficial repository for the FreeBSD link:[PkgBase project], is back alive.
+As a service, was inspired by link:[], which provided man:freebsd-update[8] for STABLE and CURRENT branches. itself has gone on hiatus, so it was all the more reason to bring back
+Right now, we provide builds for:
+- FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE
+- FreeBSD 13-STABLE
+each for the following platforms:
+- amd64
+- aarch64
+- armv7
+- i386
+You may notice that RISCv64 is gone for now.
+The hardware is a powerful VPS in Vultr.
+The server and the jails running build jobs and serving packages are "self-hosting", meaning they were installed and are kept up-to-date with PkgBase.
+Because we have not figured out yet how to configure Vultr's IPv6 in FreeBSD jails, is not available over IPv6 for now.
+If you have experience with that, please contact us!
+Along with users and testers, we still link:[highly encourage copy-cats].
+Hardware for PkgBase is kindly sponsored by a member of the FreeBSD community.