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+=== FreeBSD Core Team
+Contact: FreeBSD Core Team <>
+The FreeBSD Core Team is the governing body of FreeBSD.
+==== DevSummit 202305
+The Core Team has presented the status update at the DevSummit 202305.
+Slides are available at link:[]
+==== FreeBSD 14
+The Core Team is working with the different teams to ensure that FreeBSD 14 will come out with the highest quality.
+The Core Team has no objection to mark riscv64sf as unsupported in 14.
+==== Meetings with the FreeBSD Foundation
+The Core Team and the FreeBSD Foundation continue to meet regularly to discuss the next steps to take for the management and development of FreeBSD and its future.
+In 2023Q2, the Core Team had two meetings with the Boards of Directors of the FreeBSD Foundation and employees.
+They discussed how the FreeBSD Foundation can help the Core Team and the Project in general.
+==== Matrix IM solution
+One of the major items in the Core Team updates in DevSummit 202305 is proposing a new project communication channel.
+There is currently a testing instance at setup by clusteradm.
+All developers can access it with their kerberos credentials, and some public channels can be joined through Matrix's federation feature.
+Please note this instance is for testing and evaluating so no backup and availability is guaranteed.
+The Core Team is still discussing the scope and administration of this service, and collecting the feedback from community.
+=== Code of Conduct Committee
+Code of Conduct Committee (conduct@) is managed by the Core Team now.
+=== Commit bits
+* Core approved the src commit bit for Christos Margiolis (christos@)