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    status: Add 2023q2 FreeBSD Foundation report entry
    Section authors
    - Introduction and Fundraising: Deb Goodkin <>
    - Partnership:                  Greg Wallace <>
    - OS Improvements:              Joe Mingrone <>
    - Advocacy:                     Anne Dickison <>
    Reviewed by:    lsalvadore, grahamperrin, pauamma
    Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation
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+=== FreeBSD Foundation
+Links: +
+link:[FreeBSD Foundation] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Technology Roadmap] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Donate] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Foundation Partnership Program] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD Journal] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Foundation News and Events] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Deb Goodkin <>
+The FreeBSD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide.
+Donations from individuals and corporations are used to fund and manage software development projects, conferences, and developer summits.
+We also provide travel grants to FreeBSD contributors, purchase and support hardware to improve and maintain FreeBSD infrastructure, and provide resources to improve security, quality assurance, and release engineering efforts.
+We publish marketing material to promote, educate, and advocate for the FreeBSD Project, facilitate collaboration between commercial vendors and FreeBSD developers, and finally, represent the FreeBSD Project in executing contracts, license agreements, and other legal arrangements that require a recognized legal entity.
+Happy 30th birthday, FreeBSD!
+For more than 23 years, we have proudly backed this remarkable operating system and its vibrant community, and we eagerly anticipate supporting them for many more years.
+In this update, we will outline our contributions to FreeBSD across multiple domains.
+We will touch upon project development initiatives, some of which have detailed reports of their own.
+Additionally, we will showcase our advocacy for FreeBSD, our efforts to foster community engagement, and our expansion of partnership endeavors.
+Lastly, we will delve into our ongoing work to secure increased funding, enabling us to allocate additional resources to address any gaps within the Project.
+==== Fundraising
+During the previous quarter, we made significant progress in engaging with commercial FreeBSD users.
+To enhance our partnerships with existing and potential commercial users, we hired Greg Wallace as the Director of Partnerships and Research.
+His primary objective is to expand our collaborations with commercial users.
+Since assuming this position, Greg has hit the ground running, meeting with numerous companies in just one quarter.
+These interactions have provided valuable insights into how FreeBSD is being utilized, the challenges faced by users, and areas where the Project can improve.
+By understanding these aspects, we can make informed decisions on where to allocate our funding and recognize FreeBSD's unique strengths.
+Additionally, the role involves conducting research to identify target markets, explore new opportunities for FreeBSD, and ensure our voice is heard in relevant discussions.
+For more details on Greg's objectives and accomplishments in the previous quarter, you can refer to his status update below.
+The Foundation extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made financial contributions to support our work during the previous quarter.
+Besides many individual contributions, we were pleased to receive larger donations from NetApp and Blackberry.
+In addition, we received FreeBSD Developer Summit sponsorships from Tarsnap, iXsystems, and LPI.
+These sponsorships greatly assist in offsetting our expenses and enable us to offer affordable registration fees to attendees.
+This year our budget is around $2,230,000, which includes increased spending toward FreeBSD advocacy and software development.
+More than half of our budget is allocated toward work directly related to improving FreeBSD and keeping it secure.
+By having a dedicated individual focused on partnerships, we can effectively emphasize the significance of investing in our efforts and underscore the long-term viability of the Project to companies.
+Your support plays a crucial role in our mission, and we deeply appreciate your commitment to the FreeBSD community.
+Please consider making a donation toward our 2023 fundraising campaign!
+We also have a Partnership Program for more prominent commercial donors.
+You can read about it at link:[].
+==== Partnership Program
+Hello FreeBSD community.
+My name is Greg Wallace.
+I joined the Foundation as Director of Partnerships and Research in early April.
+link:[This blog introduced me and the role].
+For Partnerships, I am focused on building connections with companies that use FreeBSD.
+I have met with several companies to learn about how they use FreeBSD.
+Some of these meetings have generated discussions about potential partnership.
+I continue to find out about interesting companies using FreeBSD and I am reaching out to them.
+My objective is to get in touch with every company building with and using FreeBSD to listen to their stories.
+If this is you and we have not yet connected, please schedule a call on link:[my calendar].
+Some other partnership-related activities this quarter:
+* I created link:[these slides] about how partnering with the Foundation helps advance FreeBSD.
+  If you have ideas for how I can improve these slides, or would like me to present them to your organization, please[send me an email], or link:[schedule a call].
+  And please feel free to share the presentation liberally, in whole or in part.
+* I worked with my Foundation colleagues to create a number of industry-specific use case slides for a presentation to an industry analyst.
+* I am also pursuing grant opportunities with bodies including:
+** NSF Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC)
+** Sovereign Tech Fund
+** NGI
+In terms of research, my broad aim is to make sure that all of the expertise in this community is reflected in the global conversations on computing performance, security, and energy efficiency.
+As a community, we have much to bring to this work.
+So far, I have been tracking and plugging into the following threads:
+* link:[Open Forum Europe]
+* link:[CHIPS Research and Development]
+If you have research ideas or are interested in working together in this area, please[send me an email], or link:[schedule a call].
+==== OS Improvements
+During the second quarter of 2023, 339 src, 155 ports, and 20 doc tree commits identified the FreeBSD Foundation as a sponsor.
+Some of this and other Foundation-sponsored work is described in separate report entries:
+* Continuous Integration
+* FreeBSD as a Tier 1 cloud-init Platform
+* OpenSSL 3 in base
+* OpenStack on FreeBSD
+* Security Sandboxing Using man:ktrace[1]
+* SIMD enhancements for amd64
+Here is a sampling of other Foundation-sponsored work:
+* Bug fixes for man:fsck_ffs[8]
+* Bug fixes for man:killpg[2]
+* Improvements to hwpmc
+* Improvements to vmm
+* Port fixes and workarounds for LLVM 16 and OpenSSL 3.0
+* Port kinst to riscv and related dtrace work
+* Update of libfido2 to version 1.9.0
+* Various LinuxKPI 802.11 improvements
+* Various riscv improvements
+* Vendor import and update of tcpdump from version 4.9.3 to version 4.99.4
+The status of current and past Foundation contracted work can be viewed on the link:[Foundation Projects page].
+Members of the Foundation's technology team presented at the Developer Summit held in Ottawa, Canada from May 17-18.
+This included hosting the GSoC, link:[FreeBSD Foundation] link:[Technical Review], and link:[Workflow] working group sessions.
+Pierre Pronchery spoke about link:[driver harmony between the BSDs] and En-Wei Wu discussed link:[wtap work] completed under contract with the Foundation.
+==== Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance
+The Foundation provides a full-time staff member and funds projects to improve continuous integration, automated testing, and overall quality assurance efforts for the FreeBSD project.
+You can read more about CI work in a dedicated report entry.
+==== Advocacy
+Much of our effort is dedicated to the FreeBSD Project advocacy.
+This may involve highlighting interesting FreeBSD work, producing literature and video tutorials, attending events, or giving presentations.
+The goal of the literature we produce is to teach people FreeBSD basics and help make their path to adoption or contribution easier.
+Other than attending and presenting at events, we encourage and help community members run their own FreeBSD events, give presentations, or staff FreeBSD tables.
+The FreeBSD Foundation sponsors many conferences, events, and summits around the globe.
+These events can be BSD-related, open source, or technology events geared towards underrepresented groups.
+We support the FreeBSD-focused events to help provide a venue for sharing knowledge, working together on projects, and facilitating collaboration between developers and commercial users.
+This all helps provide a healthy ecosystem.
+We support the non-FreeBSD events to promote and raise awareness of FreeBSD, to increase the use of FreeBSD in different applications, and to recruit more contributors to the Project.
+We are grateful to be back to attending events mostly in person.
+In addition to attending and planning events, we are continually working on new training initiatives and updating our selection of link:[how-to guides] to facilitate getting more folks to try out FreeBSD.
+Check out some of the advocacy and education work we did last quarter:
+* Helped to organize and attended the link:[May 2023 Developer Summit] which took place May 17-18, 2023 in Ottawa, Ontario
+* Hosted a table and was the Tote Bag Sponsor of link:[BSDCan], May 17-20, 2023 in Ottawa, Ontario.
+  Trip reports can be found on the link:[blog].
+* Celebrated the Project’s 30th Birthday at BSDCan with cake and printed copies of the special link:[30th Anniversary Edition] of the FreeBSD Journal
+* Secured a FreeBSD Workshop and Talk at link:[FOSSY], July 13-16, 2023, in Portland, OR
+* Secured our Silver Sponsorship for link:[EuroBSDCon 2023] taking place September 14-17, 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal
+* Secured our booth for link:[All Things Open], October 15-17, 2023 in Raleigh, NC.
+* Began planning the FreeBSD Fall Vendor Summit.
+* Welcomed two link:[New Team Members]: Greg Wallace and Pierre Pronchery
+* Published link:[April] and link:[June] Newsletters
+* Celebrated the link:[FreeBSD Day] and the Project's 30th Anniversary on June 19 and through the week with special videos and blog posts.
+* Additional Blog Posts
+** link:[EuroBSDcon 2023 Travel Grant Application Now Open] - Note: Applications close August 2, 2023
+** link:[AsiaBSDcon Trip Report]
+* FreeBSD in the News:
+** link:[InfoWorld: Happy 30th FreeBSD!]
+We help educate the world about FreeBSD by publishing the professionally produced FreeBSD Journal.
+As we mentioned previously, the FreeBSD Journal is now a free publication.
+Find out more and access the latest issues at link:[].
+You can find out more about events we attended and upcoming events at link:[].
+==== Legal/FreeBSD IP
+The Foundation owns the FreeBSD trademarks, and it is our responsibility to protect them.
+We also provide legal support for the core team to investigate questions that arise.
+Go to link:[] to find more about how we support FreeBSD and how we can help you!