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+=== KDE on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[KDE FreeBSD] URL: link:[] +
+link:[KDE Community FreeBSD] URL:link:[]
+Contact: Adriaan de Groot <>
+The KDE on FreeBSD project packages CMake, Qt, and software from the KDE Community, for the FreeBSD ports tree.
+The software includes a full desktop environment called KDE Plasma (for both X11 and Wayland) and hundreds of applications that can be used on any FreeBSD machine.
+The KDE team (kde@) is part of desktop@ and x11@, building the software stack to make FreeBSD beautiful and usable as a daily-driver graphical desktop workstation.
+The notes below describe *mostly* ports for KDE, but also include items that are important for the entire desktop stack.
+==== Infrastructure
+* Qt5 ports had various updates:
+** package:devel/qt5-webengine[] was repaired when building with Clang 16.
+This is in preparation for the upcoming release of FreeBSD 14.
+** package:devel/qt5-qmake[] was repaired to deal with an edge case where installing qmake on an otherwise Qt-less system would cause weird errors.
+* Qt6 ports had various updates:
+** package:devel/qt6-tools[] was repaired when building with Clang 16. This is preparation for the upcoming release of FreeBSD 14.
+* The package:accessibility/at-spi2-core[] port -- essential for accessible technologies on the desktop -- was updated to release 2.48.0.
+* The package:accessibility/at-spi2-core[] port now has better support for non-X11 desktops. This is an improvement for Wayland-based systems. Thanks to Jan Beich for landing that.
+* The package:graphics/poppler[] which is a base for many PDF viewers was updated to 23.05.
+* The package::ports-mgmt/packagekit-qt[] port is a new addition to the tree to pave the way for graphical package managers on FreeBSD.
+==== KDE Stack
+KDE Gear releases happen every quarter, KDE Plasma updates once a month, and KDE Frameworks have a new release every month as well.
+These (large) updates land shortly after their upstream release and are not listed separately.
+* KDE Frameworks updated to 5.105, .106 and .107.
+* KDE Gear updated to 23.04.0, then .1 and .2 with bugfixes.
+* KDE Plasma Desktop was updated to version 5.27.4, then .5 and .6 with bugfixes.
+==== Related Ports
+* package:graphics/ikona[], an icon-viewer written in Rust with Qt bindings, has been abandoned upstream.
+* package:polish/kadu[], a chat application once popular in Poland, is deprecated and upstream has disappeared.
+* package:sysutils/plasma5-ksysguard[], a system monitoring application, is deprecated upstream and will no longer update.
+* package:astro/kstars[], an interactive planetarium, was updated to release 3.6.4.
+* package:devel/qcoro[], a C++ coroutines implementation, was updated to 0.9.0.
+* package:devel/qtcreator[], an integrated development environment for Qt, C++, and more, was updated to release 10.0.2.
+* package:games/gcompris-qt[], an education suite for children aged 3-12, was updated to release 3.2.
+* package:graphics/kphotoalbum[], a photo album and display utility, was updated to release 5.10.0.
+* package:net-im/tokodon[], a Mastodon social network client, joins KDE Gear.
+* package:textproc/kdiff3[], a text-differencing utility, was updated to release 1.10.1.
+New Software:
+* package:devel/kommit[], a Git client, was added. It is a rename of previous package gitklient.
+* package:multimedia/kasts[] is a new podcast-listening and enjoyment application from the KDE community.
+* package:textproc/arianna[] is a mobile-oriented e-book reader from the KDE community that makes reading FreeBSD documentation a joy.