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+=== FreeBSD as a Tier 1 cloud-init Platform
+Links: +
+link:[cloud-init Website] URL: link:[] +
+link:[cloud-init Documentation] URL: link:[] +
+link:[cloud-init ongoing refactorization] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Mina Galić <>
+cloud-init is the standard way of provisioning servers in the cloud.
+Unfortunately, cloud-init support for operating systems other than Linux has been rather poor, and the lack of cloud-init support on FreeBSD is a hindrance to cloud providers who want to offer FreeBSD as a Tier 1 platform.
+To remedy the situation, this project aims to bring FreeBSD cloud-init support on par with Linux support.
+The broader plan is to lift support across all BSDs.
+This quarter has been going quite slowly, but I have managed to deliver a new milestone:
+- Ephemeral Networking classes have been rewritten and made platform independent.
+These are used by several cloud providers to initialize a temporary network before retrieving the actual configuration.
+- cloud-init has been successfully tested on Vultr.
+I hope that with the next release I can convince Vultr to switch their FreeBSD images to cloud-init.
+In addition to that, I have expanded rsyslog support for BSD.
+I've also added an rc script for cloud-init's ds-identify, which should make zero-configuration setups orders of magnitude faster:
+ds-identify runs first and very quickly guesses the cloud provider the machine is running on.
+cloud-init then uses only that guess, instead of iterating and failing through a full list of all possible cloud providers.
+People building custom images can easily disable this (by removing ``/usr/local/etc/rc.d/dsidentify``), and providing a specific listing themselves, shave off a few more milliseconds from their boot.
+The next steps will be to keep hacking away at the network refactoring tasks, and to add LXD support for FreeBSD, so it can be included in CI tests.
+The latter will include work on link:[LXD], as well as work on the link:[FreeBSD virtio subsystem].
+As always, I highly welcome early testers to checkout package:net/cloud-init-devel[], and report bugs.
+Since the last report, cloud-init's bug tracker has moved from Launchpad to GitHub, so this might reduce some friction.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation