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+=== Puppet
+Links: +
+link:[Puppet] URL: link:[] +
+Contact: Puppet Team <>
+Puppet is a Free Software configuration management tool, composed of a source of trust (Puppet Server) that describes the expected configuration of machines with a domain-specific language, and an agent (Puppet Agent) on each node which enforces that the actual configuration matches the expected one.
+An optional database (PuppetDB) can be setup for reporting and describing advanced schemas where the configuration of a machine depends on the configuration of another one.
+The Puppet team is maintaining ports for Puppet and related tools.
+Puppet 8 has been recently released and has been added to the ports tree.
+Puppet 6 has reached End of Life and has been deprecated.
+It is now expired.
+Users of Puppet 6 are therefore advised to update to Puppet 7 or Puppet 8.
+For now, Puppet 7 remains the default Puppet version for ports depending on Puppet.
+The Puppet Community is hard at work making sure the various Puppet modules work with the latest code and at the time of writing this report, updating to Puppet 8 may be challenging.
+The situation is getting better every day, and we expect to switch to Puppet 8 as the default version of Puppet in a few months, when the wave of module updates is finished.