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+=== Containers and FreeBSD: Pot, Potluck and Potman
+Links: +
+link:[Pot organization on GitHub] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Luca Pizzamiglio (Pot) <> +
+Contact: Bretton Vine (Potluck) <> +
+Contact: Michael Gmelin (Potman) <>
+Pot is a jail management tool that link:[also supports orchestration through Nomad].
+During this quarter, link:[Pot 0.15.5] was released, containing a number of bugfixes and link:[features to set attributes (i.e. jail sysctl variables)] from various contributors.
+It will be available in the 2023Q3 quarterly package set.
+Potluck aims to be to FreeBSD and Pot what Dockerhub is to Linux and Docker: a repository of Pot flavours and complete container images for usage with Pot and in many cases Nomad.
+All Potluck containers have been rebuilt as FreeBSD 13.2 based images and are signed with link:[Pot signify] now.
+link:[A Beginner's Guide to Building a Virtual Datacenter on FreeBSD with Ansible, Pot and More] has been written, explaining how a complex environment based on Pot and Potluck can be deployed with Ansible playbooks, including example nodes like MariaDB, Prometheus, Grafana, nginx, OpenLDAP or Traefik and container orchestration managed by Nomad and Consul.
+A link:[patch by the pot team] to improve Nomad security, a scheduler and orchestrator which supports Pot through link:[sysutils/nomad-pot-driver], has been accepted upstream and will be part of Nomad 1.6.0.
+As always, feedback and patches are welcome.
+Potluck is sponsored by Honeyguide Group.