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+=== Network Interface API (IfAPI)
+Links: +
+link:[Original project page] URL: link:
+Contact: Justin Hibbits <>
+Started back in 2014, the IfAPI (formerly DrvAPI) goal is to hide the man:ifnet[9] structure from network drivers.
+Instead, all accesses to members will go through accessor functions.
+This allows the network stack to be changed without recompiling drivers, as well as potentially allowing a single driver to support multiple versions of FreeBSD.
+As of now this goal has been achieved in the base system, but several ports need to be updated to use the IfAPI.
+There is a tool to automate most of the conversion, in [.filename]#tools/ifnet/
+Documentation is also forthcoming, but could use help on that.
+man:ifnet[9] needs a lot of cleanup, as even some information in it currently is out of date.
+Sponsor: Juniper Networks, Inc.