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+=== CI Test Harness For Bootloader
+Links: +
+link:[FreeBSD Wiki GSoC Page] +
+link:[Github Project Link]
+Contact: Sudhanshu Mohan Kashyap <>
+FreeBSD supports multiple architectures, file systems, and disk-partitioning schemes.
+I am trying to write a Lua script which would allow for testing boot loader of all the architecture combinations supported in the first and second-tier support, and provide a report on any broken combinations and expected functionality.
+If time permits, further exploration could be done to integrate the script into the existing build infrastructure (either Jenkins or Github Actions) to generate a comprehensive summary of the test results.
+Currently any changes made by developer might inhibit the ability of the operating system to boot in some specific environment.
+These scripts provide assurance that changes do not cause regressions for the tested environments.
+The scripts are designed to be efficient and much less expensive than a full make universe required today.
+These attributes allow developers to routinely use the script, and allow integration into the CI pipelines without undue cost.
+Currently script related work seems to be on track, but certainly ahead I will need to find all different kinds of QEMU recipes to test different environments.
+If anyone has any kind of working QEMU recipe for currently released versions of FreeBSD, feel free to send to me via mail at .
+Sponsor: Google under Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Program