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From: Graham Perrin <>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2023 18:52:38 UTC
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    status: 2023q2: boot performance: improvements
    If the links section is too narrow to state the title of the BSDCan
    session, then state it elsewhere.
    For consistency: efforts (plural).
    I think, no need to repeat the full name beneath the sentence that
    names Colin Percival (in full) as the sole contact.
    Approved-by:  cperciva, salvadore
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 Contact: Colin Percival <>
-Colin Percival is coordinating an effort to speed up the FreeBSD boot process.
+Colin is coordinating efforts to speed up the FreeBSD boot process.
 Recent efforts have moved from EC2 to the Firecracker virtual machine manager, which provides a very minimalist environment; stripping the boot process down to the bare minimum makes it easier to identify the remaining time and determine whether it can be optimized further.
 With some experimental patches to both FreeBSD and Firecracker, it is now possible to boot a FreeBSD kernel in under 20 ms.
-Some of the recent improvements were discussed in Colin's recent BSDCan talk.
+Some of the recent improvements were discussed in Colin's _Porting FreeBSD to Firecracker_ session at BSDCan.
-This work is supported by Colin's FreeBSD/EC2 Patreon.
+This work is supported by his FreeBSD/EC2 Patreon.