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+=== FreeBSD Release Engineering Team
+Links: +
+link:[FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE schedule] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE schedule] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD releases] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD development snapshots] URL: link:[]
+Contact: FreeBSD Release Engineering Team, <>
+The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is responsible for setting and publishing release schedules for official project releases of FreeBSD, announcing code freezes and maintaining the respective branches, among other things.
+During the second quarter of 2023, the Release Engineering Team continued work on the 13.2-RELEASE.
+The 13.2 cycle had closely followed the set schedule, with the addition of three additional RC builds at the end, and the final RELEASE build and announcement in mid-April.
+In coordination with various teams within the Project management, the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team reconsidered the original schedule for the upcoming 14.0-RELEASE, primarily due to some work that was in progress.
+The updated schedule was discussed and adjusted slightly to account for some concerns, and ultimately published publicly on the FreeBSD Project website.
+The new schedule targets 14.0-RELEASE for October, 2023.
+The Release Engineering Team continued providing weekly development snapshot builds for the *main*, *stable/13*, and *stable/12* branches.
+Note, there will no longer be snapshot builds against *stable/12* moving forward.
+Sponsor: Tarsnap
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation