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+=== Service Jails - automatic jailing of rc.d services
+Links: +
+link:[D40369: Extend /usr/bin/service with the possibility to set ENV vars] URL: link:[] +
+link:[D40370: Infrastructure for automatic jailing of rc.d-services] URL: link:[] +
+link:[D40371: automatic service jails: some setup for full functionality of the services in automatic service jails] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Alexander Leidinger <>
+Service Jails are an extension to the rc system which allows automatic jailing of rc.d services.
+Service jails inherit the filesystem of the parent host or jail, but use all the other limits of a jail (process visibility, restricted network access, filesystem mounting permissions, sysvipc, ...) by default.
+Additional configuration allows to inherit the IPs of the parent, sysvipc, memory page locking, and use of the bhyve virtual machine monitor (man:vmm[4]).
+If you want to put e.g. local_unbound into a service jail and allow IPv4 and IPv6 access, you simply have to change rc.conf to have
+While this doesn't have the same security benefits of a manual jail setup with a separate filesystem and IP/VNET, it is much easier to setup while providing some of the security benefits of a jail like hiding other processes of the same user.
+The patches in the links are a rewrite of link:[what I presented in 2019].
+The main difference is that an ENV variable is used to do some more rational tracking and as such requires a change to man:service[8].
+My intent is to commit link:[D40369] before the branch of 14-stable (which may have happened already when you read this).
+I will not commit link:[D40370] and link:[D40371] before 14.0 is released and both would benefit of some more eyes looking at them.