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+=== Wazuh on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[Wazuh] URL: link:[] +
+Contact: José Alonso Cárdenas Márquez <>
+Wazuh is a free and open source platform used for threat prevention, detection, and response.
+It is capable of protecting workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized, and cloud-based environments.
+The Wazuh solution consists of an endpoint security agent, deployed to the monitored systems, and a management server, which collects and analyzes data gathered by the agents.
+Besides, Wazuh has been fully integrated with the Elastic Stack or OpenSearch Stack, providing a search engine and data visualization tool that allows users to navigate through their security alerts.
+Wazuh porting to FreeBSD was started by[Michael Muenz].
+The first Wazuh port he added to the FreeBSD ports tree was package:security/wazuh-agent[] in September 2021.
+In July 2022, I took maintainership of this port and I started porting other Wazuh components.
+Currently, all Wazuh components are part of the FreeBSD ports tree. It includes package:security/wazuh-manager[], package:security/wazuh-agent[],
+package:security/wazuh-server[], package:security/wazuh-indexer[] and package:security/wazuh-dashboard[] ports.
+On FreeBSD, package:security/wazuh-manager[] and package:security/wazuh-agent[] are compiled from Wazuh source code.
+package:security/wazuh-indexer[] is an adapted package:textproc/opensearch[] used for storing agents data.
+package:security/wazuh-server[] is a port for installing the package:security/wazuh-manager[], package:sysutils/beats8[] (filebeat), and package:sysutils/logstash8[] components.
+It includes adapted configuration files to work on FreeBSD.
+package:security/wazuh-dashboard[] uses an adapted package:textproc/opensearch-dashboards[] and the wazuh-kibana-app plugin generated from wazuh-kibana-app source code for FreeBSD.
+The main goal of this work is enhancing visibility of FreeBSD as a useful platform for information security or cybersecurity.
+Additionally, you can test a Wazuh single-node infrastructure (All-in-one) easily using link:[] or link:[] from link:[AppJail].
+AppJail is a good tool for managing jail containers from the command line.
+People interested in helping with the project are welcome.
+Current version: 4.4.4
+* Add Wazuh cluster-mode infrastructure makejail (Work in progress)
+* Add FreeBSD to platforms officially supported by Wazuh Inc; see link:[]
+* Add FreeBSD SCA Policy (Work in progress)