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+=== OpenStack on FreeBSD 
+Links: + 
+link:[OpenStack] URL: link:[] + 
+link:[OpenStack on FreeBSD] URL: link:[] + 
+Contact: Chih-Hsin Chang <> + 
+Contact: Li-Wen Hsu <> 
+This project aims to port key OpenStack components such as keystone, nova, neutron, etc., so that FreeBSD can function as an OpenStack host. 
+In 2023 Q2, we start porting `nova-novncproxy` and `nova-serialproxy` to increase the ways to access the instance console. 
+To lower the threshold for people who want to give it a try on the project, we also migrate our development environment from a physical machine to a virtual one. 
+But there is still a problem running bhyve VMs on top of Linux KVM. 
+A detailed writeup for the issue can be found link:[here]. 
+Other achievements include: 
+* Sorting out network connectivity issues inside the instances 
+* Able to spawn multiple instances 
+* Porting from Python 3.8 to 3.9 
+In the next quarter, we will continue working on the console proxy services to make the overall workflow more fluent. 
+The step-by-step documents for constructing a POC site can also be found link:[in the `docs` repository]. 
+The patched version of each OpenStack component is under the same GitHub organization. 
+People interested in helping with the project can first help check the documentation by following the installation guide. 
+Feedback and help are always welcome. 
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation