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+=== Integrate mfsBSD into the release building tools 
+Links: + 
+link:[Wiki Article] URL: link:[] 
+Contact: Soobin Rho <> 
+==== What is mfsBSD? 
+"mfsBSD is a toolset to create small-sized but full-featured mfsroot based distributions of FreeBSD that store all files in memory (MFS) [Memory File System] and load from hard drive, usb storage device or optical media. 
+It can be used for a variety of purposes, including diskless systems, recovery partitions and remotely overwriting other operating systems." 
+[Martin Matuska] is both the author of the link:[mfsBSD white paper] and the maintainer of the link:[mfsBSD repository]. 
+==== Purpose of this project 
+This project creates an additional target of the weekly snapshots of -current and -stable versions of mfsBSD images in the src/release makefile. 
+Currently, only the release versions of mfsBSD images are produced, which means they tend to get out of sync with the tools in base. 
+This project aims to address that problem. 
+==== Location of this project 
+This project is a GSoC 2023 (Google Summer of Code) project, under mentorship from[Juraj Lutter] and[Joseph Mingrone]. 
+As a GSoC project, the official coding period is between May 29, 2023 and August 28, 2023. 
+As a humble beginner in the open-source community, the author of this project welcomes all comments / suggestions / PR's to the link:[project repository], which is where all the code for this project will be located for the duration of the official GSoC coding period. 
+Sponsor: Google, Inc. (GSoC 2023)