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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2023 00:30:37 UTC
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    contributing: Start pointing people at github
    Start pointing people to submitting github pull requests for simple
    changes. Provide some guidance on what is a simple change. This is a
    continuation of earlier experiments with the best way to process
    Sponsored by:           Netflix
    Reviewed by:            debdrup, brooks, allanjude
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@@ -147,6 +147,29 @@ An idea or suggestion of _general_ technical interest should be mailed to the {f
 Likewise, people with an interest in such things (and a tolerance for a _high_ volume of mail!) may subscribe to the {freebsd-hackers}.
 See extref:{handbook}[The FreeBSD Handbook, eresources-mail] for more information about this and other mailing lists.
+If you are submitting a simple patch to the src repo, please consider submitting it to the project's GitHub mirror as[a pull request].
+Suitable submissions should:
+* It is ready or nearly ready to be committed. A committer should be able to land this patch with less than 10 minutes of additional work.
+* It passes all the GitHub CI jobs.
+* You can respond to feedback quickly.
+* It touches fewer than about 10 files and the changes are less than about 200 lines. Changes larger than this may be OK, or you may be asked to submit multiple pull requests of a more manageable size.
+* Each logical change is a separate commit within the pull request. Commit messages for each change should follow extref:{committers-guide}#commit-log-message[commit log guide].
+* All commits have your name and valid email address as you'd like to see them in the FreeBSD repository as the author. Fake addresses cannot be used.
+* The scope of the pull request should not change during review. If the review suggests changes that expand the scope, please create an independent pull request.
+* Fixup commits should be squashed with the commit they are fixing. Each commit in your branch should be suitable for FreeBSD's repository.
+* Commits should include one or more `Signed-off-by:` lines with full name and email address certifying[Developer Certificate of Origin].
+When updating pull request, please rebase with a forced push rather than a merge commit.
+More complex changes may be submitted as pull requests, but they may be closed if they are too large, too unwieldy, become inactive, need further discussion in the community, or need extensive revision.
+Please avoid creating large, wide-ranging cleanup patches: they are too large and lack the focus needed for a good review.
+Misdirected patches may be redirected to a more appropriate forum for the patch to be resolved.
+Pull requests submitted to the ports repository may or may not see action, based on the whims of developers.
+For now, you will have a better experience if you follow the ports submission process <<ports-contributing>>.
+The docs team also accepts pull requests via GitHub, but has not established any policy for them yet.
 If you find a bug or are submitting a specific change, please report it using the[bug submission form].
 Try to fill-in each field of the bug report.
 Unless they exceed 65KB, include any patches directly in the report.