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@@ -963,6 +963,28 @@ Fills in the boilerplate for kernel module ports, currently:
 * Handle cross-referencing kernel modules upon installation and deinstallation, using crossref:plist[plist-keywords-kld,`@kld`].
 * If the `debug` argument is given, the port can install a debug version of the module into [.filename]#KERN_DEBUGDIR#/[.filename]#KMODDIR#. By default, `KERN_DEBUGDIR` is copied from `DEBUGDIR` and set to [.filename]#/usr/lib/debug#. The framework will take care of creating and removing any required directories.
+== `ldap`
+Possible arguments: (none), <version>, client, server
+Registers a dependency on package:net/openldap[].
+It uses the specific `<version>` (without the dot notation) if set.
+Otherwise it tries to find the currently installed version.
+If necessary it falls back to the default version found in ``.
+`client` specifies a runtime dependency on the client library. This is also the
+`server` specifies a runtime dependency on the server.
+The following variables can be accessed by the port:
+This variable can be defined if the ports does not support one or more versions of OpenLDAP.
+User defined variable to set OpenLDAP version.
+Detected OpenLDAP version.
 == `lha`