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+=== OpenStack on FreeBSD
+Links: +
+link:[OpenStack] URL: link:[] +
+link:[OpenStack on FreeBSD] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Chih-Hsin Chang <> +
+Contact: Li-Wen Hsu <>
+In the fourth quarter, we successfully migrated the originally virtualized OpenStack platform to physical machines running FreeBSD 14.0-STABLE.
+The ported OpenStack components include Keystone, Glance, Placement, Neutron, and Nova.
+As part of this process, we took the opportunity to update link:[the installation documentation and the list of dependencies].
+Moving forward, we encourage users and developers interested in this project to effortlessly recreate the OpenStack platform in their FreeBSD environments following this documentation.
+Any issues or difficulties encountered are welcome to be reported on the link:[GitHub project page].
+Your contributions will contribute to the refinement of our installation documentation and the overall porting efforts.
+In the upcoming quarter, our focus will shift towards incorporating various patches and workarounds generated during the migration process into the project in a more structured code form.
+Additionally, we plan to develop FreeBSD ports for each OpenStack component, further streamlining the installation process.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation