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+=== FreeBSD on EC2
+Links: +
+link:[FreeBSD/EC2 Patreon]	URL:[]
+Contact: Colin Percival <>
+FreeBSD is available on both amd64 (Intel and AMD) and arm64 (Graviton) EC2 instances.
+Work continues to ensure that upcoming instance types will be supported; most recently, changes were needed to support "7th generation" Intel and AMD instances.
+FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE shipped with experimental ZFS-root AMIs and "cloud-init" AMIs.
+Additional "flavored" FreeBSD AMIs are planned, including "AMI Builder" and "minimal" (no debug symbols).
+A bug in the release-building process which resulted in 14.0-RELEASE AMIs shipping with duplicate lines in /etc/rc.conf has been corrected and future releases should not be affected.
+A bug in the ec2-aws-imdsv2-get utility which resulted in 14.0-RELEASE AMIs not supporting binary user-data files has been corrected and future releases should not be affected.
+This work is supported by Colin's FreeBSD/EC2 Patreon.