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+=== armv7 Ports Quality Assurance
+Contact: Robert Clausecker <>
+As part of a long term project to improve the quality of the FreeBSD ports collection for the armv7 architecture, a number of issues in the base system and in various ports have been fixed.
+Through this action, the number of binary packages that could be succesfully built from the 2023Q4 branch of the ports collection was increased from 30018 (as of 2023-10-04) to 31118 (as of 2023-11-24).
+Two kernel bugs affecting package builds (link:[PR 267788] and link:[PR 274705]) were identified and addressed, with these two alone being responsible for around 900 failed packages.
+The most common other causes for build failures include
+ * lack of FreeBSD-specific armv7 support code
+ * data alignment issues (armv7 being one of the few architectures for which we do not support unaligned memory accesses)
+ * address space exhaustion during the build processes (usually LTO related; link:[PR 274705] addressed many cases)
+ * lack of OpenMP support on armv7 FreeBSD
+If you are a user of the FreeBSD ports collection on armv7, do not hesitate to file a bug report on our link:[bug tracker] should there be any issues.