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+=== Enabling Snapshots on Filesystems Using Journaled Soft Updates
+Contact: Marshall Kirk McKusick <>
+This project has made UFS/FFS filesystem snapshots avaiable when running with journaled soft updates.
+The details of this project were link:[described in the 2022 fourth quarter report].
+This project had two milestones:
+The first milestone of this project was to make it possible to take snapshots when running with journaled soft updates and to use them for doing background dumps on a live filesystem.
+Background dumps are requested by using the -L flag to man:dump[8].
+This milestone was completed in Q4 of 2022 and was made available in the 13.2 release as link:[described in the 2023 first quarter report].
+The second milestone of this project was to do a background check using a snapshot on a filesystem running with journaled soft updates.
+This milestone was completed in the third quarter of 2023 in time to be included as part of the 14.0 release.
+It was also made available in the 13.2-STABLE release.
+Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation