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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2023 10:19:45 UTC
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    [phb]: Document Uses=ebur128
    Follow up the inclusion of the new Uses in ports:
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@@ -404,6 +404,20 @@ Use with the version of Drupal that the port is expecting.
 For example, `USES=drupal:7,module` says that this port creates a Drupal 7 module.
 A Drupal 7 theme can be specified with `USES=drupal:7,theme`.
+== `ebur128`
+Possible arguments: (none), `build`, `lib`, `run`, `test`
+Adds a dependency on package:audio/ebur128[].
+It allows to transparently depend on the `rust` or `legacy` variants by using
+`DEFAULT_VERSIONS` in [.filename]#make.conf#.
+For instance, to use the legacy version, use `DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ebur128=legacy`
+When no arguments are used, the behavior is the same as if the `lib` argument
+was provided.
+The rest of the arguments provide the corresponding category of dependency.
 == `eigen`