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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2023 08:38:49 UTC
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    Handbook - Ports: Add example port FLAVOR notation
    Add example of port FLAVOR notation in poudriere port-list
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@@ -1195,12 +1195,13 @@ The basic configuration shown here puts a single jail-, port-, and set-specific
 The filename in this example is created by combining the jail name, port name, and set name: `13amd64-local-workstation-make.conf`.
 The system `make.conf` and this new file are combined at build time to create the `make.conf` used by the build jail.
-Packages to be built are entered in `13amd64-local-workstation-pkglist`:
+Packages to be built are entered in `13amd64-local-workstation-pkglist` (ports with extref:{porters-handbook}flavors[FLAVORS] can be defined with @FLAVOR):