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From: Lorenzo Salvadore <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 10:01:40 UTC
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Author:     Lorenzo Salvadore <>
AuthorDate: 2023-04-18 09:30:53 +0000
Commit:     Lorenzo Salvadore <>
CommitDate: 2023-04-18 10:01:30 +0000

    Status/2023Q1: Improvements
    - Fix Ihor Antonov's email address rendering.
    - Switch a few links from absolute to relative.
    Approved by:    carlavilla (mentor)
    Differential Revision:
 website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/daemon.adoc        | 2 +-
 website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/intro.adoc         | 2 +-
 website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/kinst.adoc         | 2 +-
 website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/ufs_snapshots.adoc | 2 +-
 4 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/daemon.adoc b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/daemon.adoc
index 399d2b589d..e941a5cb32 100644
--- a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/daemon.adoc
+++ b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/daemon.adoc
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Links: +
 man:daemon[8] URL: link:[] +
 link:[Libera IRC] URL: link:[]
-Contact: Ihor Antonov <> +
+Contact: Ihor Antonov <[]> +
 Contact: Kyle Evans <>
 An ongoing effort to improve code quality and supervision capabilities of the `daemon` utility.
diff --git a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/intro.adoc b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/intro.adoc
index 2eee51bf6b..42220a0265 100644
--- a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/intro.adoc
+++ b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/intro.adoc
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 Here is the first status report of 2023, including 25 reports: we have our usual team reports, some news about cloud projects, progress in the src, ports and doc trees and more.
-We also provide some information about link:[13.2-RELEASE], which was postponed to the beginning of 2023Q2; but since this report is being published after the new version release, it is already available for installation.
+We also provide some information about link:../../releases/13.2R/announce/[13.2-RELEASE], which was postponed to the beginning of 2023Q2; but since this report is being published after the new version release, it is already available for installation.
 Users of RELEASE versions can now take advantage of many improvements such as better support for man:iwlwifi[4] driver or the new man:rtw88[4] driver, topics that have been covered in past status reports.
 Have a nice read.
diff --git a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/kinst.adoc b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/kinst.adoc
index 94e7e72fe2..9320736896 100644
--- a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/kinst.adoc
+++ b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/kinst.adoc
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Contact: Mark Johnston <>
 kinst is a new DTrace provider created by christos@ and markj@ that allows for arbitrary instruction tracing in a kernel function.
 kinst has been added to the base system in FreeBSD 14.0.
-link:[The 2022Q3 status report gives a brief introduction to kinst.]
+link:../report-2022-07-2022-09/#_dtrace_instruction_level_dynamic_tracing[The 2022Q3 status report gives a brief introduction to kinst.]
 We're now working on inline function tracing (see review D38825 above) -- a much-requested DTrace feature -- by using kernel DWARF and ELF info to find the call sites of each inline copy and use that information to transform D syntax by turning kinst probes of the form:
diff --git a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/ufs_snapshots.adoc b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/ufs_snapshots.adoc
index 16e40df457..fcd3d56c98 100644
--- a/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/ufs_snapshots.adoc
+++ b/website/content/en/status/report-2023-01-2023-03/ufs_snapshots.adoc
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ The ability to make UFS/FFS filesystem snapshots when running with journaled sof
 Background dumps are requested by using the `-L` flag to man:dump[8].
 The details of this project were
 in the 2022 fourth quarter report].
 Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation