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    Status/2023Q1: Add cloud-init.adoc
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+=== FreeBSD as a Tier 1 cloud-init Platform
+Links: +
+link:[cloud-init Website] URL: link:[] +
+link:[cloud-init Documentation] URL: link:[] +
+link:[cloud-init ongoing refactorization] URL: link:[]
+Contact: Mina Galić <>
+cloud-init is the standard way of provisioning servers in the cloud.
+Unfortunately, cloud-init support for operating systems other than Linux is rather poor, and the lack of cloud-init support on FreeBSD is a hindrance to cloud providers who want to offer FreeBSD as a Tier 1 platform.
+To remedy the situation, this project aims to bring FreeBSD cloud-init support on par with Linux support.
+The broader plan is to lift support across all BSDs.
+This quarter has been going very, very slowly, for personal reasons — but also for lack of access to right resources.
+I have been trying to link:[port the Infiniband functions].
+This has proven difficult, because it falsified my thesis that man:ifconfig[8] is all that is needed to figure out network interfaces on FreeBSD.
+A cloud-init colleague who works for Azure managed to give me access to an link:[HPC VM on Azure].
+Unfortunately, it was only for a limited time, and that was not enough to figure out how to get Infiniband up and running on FreeBSD — a task handled by package:sysutils/azure-agent[] by Linux, but Azure Agent's FreeBSD is rather lacking.
+People interested in helping with this project could provide man:ifconfig[8], man:ibstat[8], man:ibv_devinfo[1], etc… link:[pastes from their Infiniband systems].
+I would also be very happy about getting access to hardware with Infiniband NICs, or hearing from people who have successfully used FreeBSD on Azure HPC with Infiniband.
+If there is interest in that platform, I will direct some energy to fixing Azure Agent.
+Sponsor: The FreeBSD Foundation