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+=== Ports Collection
+Links: +
+link:[About FreeBSD Ports] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Contributing to Ports] URL: link:[] +
+link:[FreeBSD Ports Monitoring] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Ports Management Team] URL: link:[] +
+link:[Ports Tarball] URL: link:[]
+Contact: René Ladan <> +
+Contact: FreeBSD Ports Management Team <>
+The Ports Management Team is responsible for overseeing the overall direction of the Ports Tree, building packages (through its subsidiary pkgmgr), and personnel matters.
+Below is what happened in the last quarter.
+Currently we have around 33,500 ports in the tree.
+For these ports, there are 3,021 open PRs of which 764 are unassigned.
+The first three months of this year saw 9,021 commits by 163 committers for the `main` branch and 701 commits by 55 committers for the `2023Q1` branch.
+Compared to 2022Q4, this means a slight increase in the number of ports, port PRs, ports commits, and active port committers.
+During the last quarter, we welcomed Robert Clausecker (fuz@), Vladimir Druzenko (vvd@), Robert Nagy (rnagy@), welcomed back Norikatsu Shigemura (nork@), and said goodbye to Marius Strobl (marius@).
+Portgmr added Muhammad Moinur Rahman (bofh@) as a new member after a successful lurkership.
+During the bi-weekly portmgr meetings, the following topics were discussed:
+* improving the situation of binary packages for kernel modules
+* ways to measure the impact of ports on its dependencies and how to maintain high-impact ports
+During the last quarter, 32 exp-runs were run to test port updates, updating default versions (LLVM to 15, MySQL to 8.0, Ruby to 3.1), and updating byacc in base.
+Furthermore, the default version of Go switched to 1.20 and that of Lazarus to 2.2.6.
+Four new USES were introduced:
+* budgie to support ports related to the Budgie Desktop
+* ldap to provide support for OpenLDAP, with a new default version of 26 (i.e. 2.6)
+* nextcoud to support Nextcloud applications
+* ruby to provide support for Ruby ports (formerly